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Stop Snoring – South Windsor

Breathe & Sleep Deeply

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Many people who experience chronic snoring think of this condition as nothing more than a harmless, if annoying, habit. Unfortunately, snoring can have a negative impact on your health and that of your bed partners. While it may not be your first thought when dealing with snoring, a trip to your dental office may be just what you need. At South Windsor Dental, we utilize innovative Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) appliances to help people stop snoring and start breathing and sleeping deeply every night. If you want to learn more about oral appliance therapy for snoring, call or complete our online appointment request to get started. During a treatment consultation, we’ll evaluate your situation and help you to determine whether or not oral appliance therapy is the right option for you.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring man sleeping

Snoring, like all sounds, occurs due to vibration in the soft tissue as air passes through the throat and sinuses. When the throat muscles and tissues surrounding the airway relax during sleep, the result is loud snoring. Common causes of snoring include:

Why Should I Receive Snoring Treatment?

Dentist checking fit of oral appliance

While snoring may seem like a harmless bad habit, it can definitely lead to issues in the long term. Constant drying out of the mouth and nasal passages can cause irritation or even infection in the sinuses. Overtime, your sleep cycle is likely to be negatively impacted by snoring, leading to multiple concerns associated with sleep deprivation, including difficulty concentrating, severe daytime sleepiness, and chronic headaches.

How Can a Dentist Help Me Stop Snoring?

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A dentist is a highly trained healthcare professional who has advanced training in the function of oral and facial structures, including the airway. A skilled dentist can help you to achieve an open airway during sleep. For some, improper bite positioning leads to snoring, and a dentist or orthodontist may be able to correct the alignment of the jaw with orthodontics alleviating snoring and other symptoms. For others, a simple snoring device called an Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) appliance is effective. These oral appliances are worn during sleep, and they can be repositioned to keep the airway open. Each appliance is custom crafted to fit your smile, ensuring comfort and efficacy. Easily adjusted, these appliances allow patients to move their appliance at-home to ensure maximum comfort and achieve the greatest relief from snoring. When worn, EMA appliances shift the jaw forward, placing pressure on throat muscles to keep the airway open, avoiding snoring and breathing difficulties during sleep.

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