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Age One Dental Visit – South Windsor, CT

Creating Healthy Smiles for a Lifetime

Girl after seeing children’s dentist in South Windsor

The moment your child’s first tooth erupts, the potential for decay becomes a reality. This is why it is necessary that you schedule their first dental appointment with our children’s dentist in South Windsor, Dr. Sara Curcio, before they reach the age of one. This proactive step not only puts your little one on the right path to better oral health as they grow older, but it also establishes a comfortable relationship between them and our team, making the chances of dental anxiety less and less as they age. Call us today to schedule your child’s visit.

Why Schedule an Age 1 Visit?

Little girl smiling in South Windsor

The sooner you establish a dental routine for your child, the better. Even the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry agree that a child’s first dental visit should occur before or around their first birthday.

The reasons for this appointment are many, including:

Cavities are a common occurrence among young smiles because of their novice oral hygiene habits and lackluster diet. As bacteria and acid eat away at their tooth enamel, it can create small holes that require further treatment to fix (i.e., dental fillings). By keeping this initial appointment as well as those that occur every six months afterward, you are putting your child at a positive starting point for optimal oral health.

What Happens During an Age 1 Visit?

Little girl having checkup in South Windsor

Dr. Curcio, who is committed to children’s dental health and who regularly volunteers to provide dental health education to elementary school-aged children in the area, believes in the power of preventive care, especially among little ones.

When arriving with your child, Dr. Curcio will help them become comfortable and ask about any specific concerns you might have. She’ll quickly examine their teeth, jaw, and gums to ensure there are no issues or developmental problems that could lead to poor dental health early on.

If necessary, we can perform a gentle cleaning while also discussing ways to improve your child’s oral hygiene routine at home. We’ll offer recommendations for products and techniques that can make cleaning teeth a breeze in between appointments.

Benefits of Early Dental Care

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You will find that with regular dental appointments, children will be less likely to experience dental caries, which is good news! Seeing a dentist early on minimizes the chances of toothaches, dental emergencies, and even gum disease. All of these will play a pivotal role once they enter into school, as it’s unlikely they’ll need to be removed from class to address a serious oral health problem.

Early preventive care will also lower your costs simply because it is less expensive than treating more serious and severe dental problems that require timely restorative care.