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Implant-Retained Crowns and Bridges

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Tooth replacement options should be sturdy and attractive to restore the form and function of your natural smile. If you are missing one, two, or several teeth, an implant-retained crown or bridge provides the most effective solution. Dental implants are posts that are surgically implanted beneath the gum line, where they gradually fuse together with the jaw bone. Here, they provide the ultimate in stability for your new crown or bridge. Keep reading to find out more about how they work from Dr. Sara Curcio!

About Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small post, most often made from titanium, which is placed into the area where a missing tooth’s root was. Titanium promotes the growth of bone tissue, which enables the jawbone to fuse together with the implant post(s). This fusion provides the stimulation the bone needs to stay healthy and whole, which prevents the disintegration of bone tissue that otherwise occurs after tooth loss.

When one or a few teeth have been lost, preserving the integrity of the jawbone is important because it prevents the loss of the remaining natural teeth. Your risk of losing more teeth increases after you have experienced any amount of tooth loss, and replacing them with dental implants helps to prevent this -- keeping your smile healthy and whole.

The benefits of dental implants include:

Single Dental Implant

Implant-Retained Crowns and Bridges

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To replace a single missing tooth with an implant-supported crown, Dr. Curcio will refer you to a partner oral surgeon for the initial placement of the implant post. Once your jaw has healed, you return to our office to begin the final restoration phase. Your implant dentist will uncover the implant post and place a connecting abutment, which the crown will be affixed to.

In cases of multiple tooth loss, two to three dental implants can be placed to support a fixed bridge (depending on the extent of tooth loss and the location of the teeth. The bridge is secured on top of these sturdy dental implants. Crowns and bridges prevent the surrounding teeth from drifting out of alignment while also restoring your ability to eat, speak, and smile without any stress at all!

Learn More Today!

If you are missing multiple teeth or if you are on the brink of extraction, don’t wait to find out about how implant-retained crowns and bridges can fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. Most candidates are excellent candidates for this tooth replacement. Request an appointment with your South Windsor dentist today!

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